Time for Carers Appeal

Give the gift of time

Our Time for Carers Appeal gives carers the gift of time – our most precious commodity.

We need your help to reach our £30,000 target! Please do get involved – fundraise, donate and spread the word.

Despite the vital support carers provide to their loved ones, and their enormous contribution to society, carers do not get the breaks they need – 40% have not had a day off in over a year.

Last year we saw incredible support for this cause, helping over eighty carers take the time they need to be themselves and to improve their health and wellbeing.

Claire who looks after her seriously ill brother and elderly mum, was given the opportunity to take a short trip to the coast: “It wasn’t even just about being given the money to go away – it was about being seen and valued as a carer and given the recognition and support that enabled me to carry on.”

Help us to continue supporting carers like Claire to get the breaks they need, and the recognition and support they deserve.

Donate now on our JustGiving page.

£20 would pay for a trip to the cinema

£50 could give a carer a much needed afternoon off to spend with friends or family

£200 would give a carer a weekend off – something many carers haven’t had for years

Raise a smile!

  • Make us your charity of the year
  • Host a fundraising pub quiz
  • Organise a fundraising Friday at work

From charity balls, to bake sales, or maybe you’d like to set yourself a personal challenge – whatever you love to do or want to do – turn it into an amazing fundraiser and help us to support even more carers.

Our friendly fundraising team are here to help you make it a success. We can visit your group or company, or give you a call to talk things through. Email us today at fundraising@carersupportwiltshire.co.uk

Other ways to support us

200 Club Lottery

Our 200 Club is a mini lottery draw held every month with half the takings going to Carer Support Wiltshire and the other half being given out as cash prizes. It’s a fun and easy way to help us raise money and support even more carers.  Download and print an entry form here.

Give while you shop

Give as You Live is one of the easiest ways to support a charity of your choice when you shop online. With over 4,000 leading stores participating including Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and Amazon.

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know – same products, same prices – but with a big difference. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price of eligible purchases to Carer Support Wiltshire, every time you shop. Simply login to your Amazon account at smile.amazon.co.uk, select us as your chosen charity, and start shopping!

Give as you earn

Also known as payroll giving, give as you earn provides you with a regular, reliable way of helping us to plan better so we can help more carers in Wiltshire.

Donating a little every month straight from your pay is a hassle-free way to support us, whilst making your donation go further. It’s tax-free, which means every £1 you give us will only cost you 80p, or 60p if you’re a higher rate tax payer (the tax man donates the rest!).

You decide how much you would like to donate from your monthly salary. That amount is then automatically deducted from your gross pay, on the same day every month.

You can set up your regular donation by filling out this online form.

(Not sure if your employer offers Payroll Giving? You can check here.)