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Joy cares for her mum. She contacted us for emotional support when she found the constant responsibility of caring for her mum exhausting.

“CSW have been fantastic. They were able to help me access the support I needed so that someone could come and sit with mum for three hours a week. It gives me space and time for myself. Sometimes you are faced with life or death situations and it can be very scary and you need to talk to someone who understands. Sometimes I feel isolated with no one to think about other than mum and that can get quite intense.” she says.

“CSW were there for me when I needed to talk. Although sometimes it can be challenging, there is nothing better than feeling you did your best for your mum, and if it is possible, I would encourage more people to do the same. When you give something of yourself, you benefit as well as the person you are caring for.”

Kerron, 18 cares for his Mum who suffers from poor mental health and physical disabilities and her partner, who also has a physical disability.  With a love for animals and the outdoors, Kerran enrolled on an Animal Management and Care Diploma course at Lackham College. But despite his love of the course, Kerran began to struggle with studying alongside his caring role and feared he would have to find employment after college rather than continuing his studies at university.

Having Carer Support Wiltshire step in and provide 1-1 support has given him the confidence and tools to decide to continue his studies.

“I honestly wouldn’t have done it without them, helping me apply to courses and fill out forms for bursaries and funding. I really didn’t think we’d have the money to do it.”

Kerron has now been offered a place on an Animal Science and Management Foundation Course, and is looking forward to the future.

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