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By supporting a local charity your business can make a real difference to your community.


A team of six graduates from the Nationwide Emerging Talent Graduate Development Programme took on the task of developing an online support service for young adult carers across the south west. The result was YACbook, our website for young adult carers.

“This project was a unique opportunity to work with Carer Support Wiltshire and help them take further steps forward supporting and engaging with young carers. These carers sacrifice a huge amount and do a truly fantastic job, I can’t imagine how hard it must be doing it full time. Having looked after my Grandfather to give my Granny a break twice a week I have enormous admiration for carers,” said Hamish Stark, Nationwide graduate and team captain.

Charity of the Year Partnerships

Making us your charity of the year could raise the funds needed to support more carers, carers like Kerron who need a little help to take the next step towards a future of their own.

“I honestly wouldn’t have done it without CSW helping me to fill out forms for bursaries and funding.” Kerron, 18 who is now following his dreams on an Animal Science and Management Foundation Course.

By supporting Carer Support Wiltshire you could help a young adult carer reach for the stars and realise their potential.

In return for you your support we can offer:

•Brand awareness: With sponsorship and PR opportunities, your brand will benefit from working with a respected local charity

•Staff engagement: Regular updates and a thank you from the team and the carers we support

•Support: Our dedicated team will help you with ideas, planning and delivery. We have leaflets, banners, collection tins and more enthusiasm than you can shake a stick at

•Team building: Group challenge events and volunteering are great for team building. We can help tailor a package that works for your team.

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