Reach Out and Raise a Smile

Life is about connecting with family, friends and your community, but being a carer can sometimes make that hard.

John’s story

John cares for his wife who has complex physical health issues including osteoarthritis and short term memory loss caused by a stroke. John felt that his wife was not getting the support she needed and he took it all on himself. Finding time and allowing himself a break was proving hard and John was missing his friends and fly fishing.

With help from us he now has a regular break for three hours a week which he is using to enjoy his old hobby. When told, John was over the moon,

“This has come at just the right time for me – thank you so much for this good news. You don’t know how much difference this will make to me”.

Our Community Connections Appeal is raising £25,000 to reach out and help carers  spend time with their family and friends – to enjoy hobbies and activities in their community. Help us reach out raise a smile.

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Your donation will help support carers in Wiltshire.  It will make a real difference to those that need it.

•£25 could provide a trip to the cinema for two Young Adult Carers to enjoy time with their friends and a break from their caring role.

•£50 could provide pampering sessions and a rare treat for five carers.

•£250 could provide ten driving lessons for a Young Adult Carer.

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Whatever you love to do or want to do – turn it into an amazing fundraiser and help us to support even more carers:

  • Run a race like the Chippenham Half Marathon and get your friends to sponsor you
  • If you are a community group or golf club you could make us your charity of the year.
  • Organise a Fundraising Friday at work

Other ways to support us

  • AmazonSmile
  • Payroll Giving
  • 200 Club Lottery
  • Give as you shop

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Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills to add to your CV.  It’s an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, be part of a friendly team making a difference and it’s fun too! Whether it’s a few hours a week, or a day here and there, the time you give really does matter. You will:

•Make a real difference to unpaid carers in Wiltshire

•Receive training, support and ongoing development for your role

•Meet other lovely people like you and become part of the CSW team.

“I feel more involved in my community and more confident in my own skills.”


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Corporates Can Care Too

A corporate partnership with CSW is a great way to help boost team morale, demonstrate to staff and customers your commitment to CSR and make a lasting difference to your local community.

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Every gift in every Will large or small, makes a huge difference to the carers we support today and for future generations. With your help we can plan for the future and make a difference to many more carers in Wiltshire.

Remembering Carer Support Wiltshire in your will does not mean excluding family or friends. You can easily include everyone and everything that matters to you, providing security for loved ones and your chosen charity.

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