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  • Loretta’s story

    Loretta cares for her 95 year old mum, who has dementia and lives with her. She has to work and feels under constant time pressure.

    Loretta’s story
  • Julie’s story

    Julie started helping out her ex husband at the start of the pandemic because there was no one else to do it. The care she was giving him then increased as he became more unwell.

    Julie’s story
  • Suzanne’s story

    Suzanne cares for her son John who is 38 and has cerebral palsy.

    Suzanne’s story
  • Andrea’s story

    Andrea works for Carer Support Wiltshire as Young Adult Carer Officer. Her experiences of caring from a young age help her to understand what young adult carers are going through.

    Andrea’s story
  • Picture of Celina, a young adult carer

    Celina’s story

    Celina is a young adult carer who looks after her mum who has cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, agoraphobia, and some mental health issues.

    Celina’s story
  • Sasha’s Story

    Sasha is a young adult carer who, along with her brother Lawrence, looks after her Dad who has dementia with neurodegenerative disease.

    Sasha’s Story
  • Alex’s story

    Alex cares for his wife Eileen. He looked after her at home for 3 years and now visits her twice a day at her care home.

    Alex’s story
  • Nigel’s story

    Nigel cares for his wife Margaret, who has Parkinson's and is currently also recovering from surgery.

    Nigel’s story
  • Colin’s story

    Colin cares for his elderly parents and has lived with them, sleeping in the lounge, for 15 years. He moved back initially after suffering an illness and losing his job. He struggles with poor mental health.

    Colin’s story
  • Andrea’s story

    Andrea cares for her daughter Nell, who has Mitochrondrial disease. The lockdowns have been incredibly difficult for them both.

    Andrea’s story
  • Simon’s story

    Simon cares for his wife Anna, who has a Functional Neurological Disorder. His caring role began 15 years ago when Anna started to show initially minor symptoms of FND, and it has increased gradually over time.

    Simon’s story
  • Tom’s story

    Tom cares for his wife Joelle who has muscular dystrophy.

    Tom’s story