• Liam’s story

    Liam and his little brother Samuel from Chippenham are about as close as brothers can get. Now 19 years old, Liam has been caring for Samuel, who is 7 and has autism, pretty much since he was born.

    Liam’s story
  • Stacey’s story

    Juggling her caring role with school proved difficult for Stacey and her mental health suffered.

    Stacey’s story
  • Celina’s Story

    Celina was thrown into caring for her Mum at a young age, but no one really understood her caring role and how hard it was to juggle everything at once

    Celina’s Story
  • Anita’s story

    Anita cares for her daughter, Sophie who is disabled. Without family support, Anita was struggling to manage on her own

    Anita’s story
  • Anthony’s story

    If you spot Anthony and Alice Bridges eating out at a Wiltshire restaurant you’ll think they are just like any other couple

    Anthony’s story
  • Danielle’s story

    Danielle has put her own life and ambitions on hold to care for her mum. There are thousands like her who don’t get the support they need and suffer alone, feeling isolated and unable to reach out.

    Danielle’s story
  • David’s story

    The answer, in short, is Alzheimer’s. Georgina is in the advanced stages of the condition and David gave up work in 2011 to become her fulltime carer.

    David’s story
  • Helen’s story

    Helen cares for her 18 year old daughter Maja who was born with the rare condition Kleefstra Syndrome. Maja has a range of issues, include severe learning difficulties and low muscle tone.

    Helen’s story
  • Joy’s story

    Four years ago Joy Anderson gave up her Yoga business and life in London to move to Pewsey to become a full-time carer for her mum. It was not a decision Joy took lightly, but one she felt she had to make.

    Joy’s story
  • Shelagh’s story

    It was a bit of a slow realisation. I didn’t label myself as a ‘carer’ from the very beginning. When it’s from birth, you start off as looking after a baby just like everyone else

    Shelagh’s story
  • Sophie’s Story

    Sophie has been her mum's carer since she was 14, now 20 Sophie, with CSW's help, is studying at Bristol UWE

    Sophie’s Story
  • Luke’s Story

    When Luke's mum moved into a home for the over 55s Luke was made homeless and living in a friend's summerhouse, despite still being a carer for his mum

    Luke’s Story