• Tom’s story

    Tom cares for his wife Joelle who has muscular dystrophy.

    Tom’s story
  • Anne-Marie’s story

    Anne-Marie cares for both of her parents and is also a registered nurse and Service Transformation Manager at Wiltshire Health and Care.

    Anne-Marie’s story
  • Debra’s story

    Debra is a working carer, working full time around caring for her husband John.

    Debra’s story
  • David’s story

    David cares for his wife Georgina, who has advanced late stage Alzheimer’s.

    David’s story
  • Edd’s story

    Major Edd Gordon has served in the Army for 28 years, 20 of which he has also been dad and carer to Harry. He talks about the experience of being a military family with a unique child.

    Edd’s story
  • Finley’s story

    Finley is 10 years old and is a young carer for his mum Emily, who suffers from various health conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

    Finley’s story
  • Rosario’s story

    Rosario has always cared for her mum, who has schizophrenia and is bipolar. Now 25, she talks about how this has affected her.

    Rosario’s story
  • Shona’s story

    Shona cares for her young daughter Anabel who has a rare chromosome disorder, one of less than 200 people worldwide with the same.

    Shona’s story
  • Liam’s story

    Liam and his little brother Samuel from Chippenham are about as close as brothers can get. Now 19 years old, Liam has been caring for Samuel, who is 7 and has autism, pretty much since he was born.

    Liam’s story
  • Stacey’s story

    Juggling her caring role with school proved difficult for Stacey and her mental health suffered.

    Stacey’s story
  • Celina’s Story

    Celina was thrown into caring for her Mum at a young age, but no one really understood her caring role and how hard it was to juggle everything at once

    Celina’s Story
  • Anita’s story

    Anita cares for her daughter, Sophie who is disabled. Without family support, Anita was struggling to manage on her own

    Anita’s story