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We work with professionals and a wide range of organisations in order to deliver the best possible service to unpaid carers in Wiltshire.

If you identify a carer through your work, a referral to us at Carer Support Wiltshire will help them to access support locally.

  • If the carer is already registered with us but would benefit from a conversation about their circumstances and any challenges they are facing, then a referral can be made via our main office line on 01380 871690, our website, or LiquidLogic/ GP system.
  • If the carer is not already registered, then a referral will ensure that they are registered with us.
  • All referrals should indicate a little about the reason for the referral and whether the carer would benefit from a conversation about how they are affected by their situation and the support available to them.

Once registered, a carer will be able to receive newsletters and what’s on guides and information about our carer cafes and other events.

After a conversation with a Community Connector, any action or support plan is personal to the carer. It might result in;

  • Providing information or advice (Signposting)
  • Referral to other services
  • Referral for a carers assessment to consider whether there are any support needs that could be met by funding from Wiltshire Council

If the person you have identified is a young carer, you can find out more information on our young carers website.

Carer awareness training

Carer awareness training and more informal talks can be delivered to any organisation to help early identification and referral of carers to relevant services. If your organisation or business could benefit from being more ‘carer aware’, or you would like to know more about our work, please get in touch on 0800 181 4118.

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