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Businesses and workplaces

There are many positive reasons for a workplace to be more carer aware. Changing demographics and an aging population mean that 3 in 5 of us will be looking after a loved one at some point in our lives. 1 in 7 employees are caring for someone outside of work.

Supporting the carers in your workforce isn’t just good for your employees; it’s good for business. Research shows that supporting staff to effectively juggle their home and work lives and continues in employment holds valuable benefits for the business, including:

  • Better staff retention
  • Reduced absence
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved morale

How we can help

We can deliver carer awareness training and more informal talks to any organisation to help early identification and referral of carers to relevant services. Please get in touch to find out more.

If your organisation or business could benefit from being more carer aware, or you would like to know more about our work, please get in touch with our Reaching Communities team on 01380 871690.

Charities / other organisations

There are many excellent charities and other organisations in Wiltshire and nationally who will be in contact with people who are carers.

They will be offering invaluable, often specialised, support in a number of ways. If someone is identified as a carer we also recommend they are signposted to us.

If a carer is already registered with us but would benefit from a conversation about their circumstances or any challenges they are facing relating to their caring role, do make contact with us.

How we can help

Carers registered with us are able to receive newsletters and What’s On guides and are able to access pampering sessions, carer cafes and support groups.

They also have the option of speaking with a member of the Community Connector team; to access how the carer’s health and wellbeing is affected by their situation and talk over the support that might benefit them.

We are always looking for ways we can work with charities and organisations to better reach and benefit carers. If there is any way you feel we could work together – this could be through an event, a campaign or anything else that could be of benefit to unpaid carers – please contact us on 01380 871690.