Caring for someone with mental health problems

Some caring responsibilities aren’t always apparent to those looking in and can sometimes remain hidden because of stigma and lack of understanding. If you look after someone with a mental health problem it can be hard, but you are not alone

It’s important to talk to someone about your caring responsibilities and open up to a trusted friend, family member, manager at work, or teacher.

We also run carer support groups in partnership with Wiltshire Mind for those caring for someone with mental health problems.

Your Mental Health

Your own mental health may be affected by your caring responsibilities so it’s important to contact your GP and tell them you are a carer and if you haven’t already, call us and ask for a carers assessment so that you can access the support and information that’s right for you.

There are also lots of organisations that may be able to help you:

Carers Trust have some good mental health factsheets:



Wiltshire Mind

Mental Health in Later Life: Mental Health Foundation

The Blurt Foundation

Great tools and advice from the cool people at Blurt with Blurt Alerts for your day to day life.

Online support for young people

Bipolar UK Carer Telephone Mentoring

Bipolar UK offer a telephone based peer mentoring service that will give you the chance to talk one-to-one with someone else who has supported someone with bipolar. To find out more contact or ring 0333 323 4458