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Volunteer Dave Llewellyn-Jones has taken and donated hundreds of images to Carer Support Wiltshire. Such images are vital for us in promoting our work and reaching out to new carers. We spoke to Dave about why he volunteers for us and what he enjoys most about it.

What is your background in photography?

I have been a keen photographer since the age of about 14 (over 25 years ago, eek!). I believe that learning how to use a 35mm film camera with no automatic mode at a very early age has been crucial to what I do now as a full time professional career.

Ever since then, photography has been a serious hobby alongside being a professional musician and in the last 4 years as a full time musician in the Army, I started my photography business up.

In July 2018, myself and my family moved from London to Hilperton with my photography business now running full time.

What do you enjoy most about it?

Two of the things that I love about photography are the fact my job is also my hobby and, after a week of shooting portraits for clients, I can quite easily go out with my camera aiming it at wildlife or a beautiful landscape, which I find extremely relaxing.

Secondly, I absolutely love working and engaging with a huge variety of different people! One day I could be capturing some portraits of an officer from the armed forces and the next, I could be outside in the stunning countryside creating beautiful family portraits which will be cherished for generations to come.

Oh, and Dogs! I love photographing dogs!

What made you decide to volunteer for CSW?

Having just moved house into a totally new area I was very keen to meet new people and, as I have realised in the past, donating my time and expertise in something to a charity can be just as beneficial as a donation of money.

Also it can benefit my business by meeting lots of different people that I may not have otherwise met. (so not completely selfless I have to say).

As I was looking for charities to work with late last year (2018), there was actually a vacancy for a volunteer photographer listed on the Carer Support Wiltshire website and I got very excited about it straight away.

What have you enjoyed doing the most at CSW?

The last two jobs which were the carer support services launches in Warminster and Chippenham. Firstly because I love capturing people just naturally enjoying themselves in a nice relaxed atmosphere and secondly, THE CUPCAKES! They were delicious and because I couldn’t stop eating them, I’m probably going to have to start running again.

Is there a photo you’ve taken since being with us that you’re especially proud of?

All of them of course! Ha! In all seriousness though, one of the reasons volunteering for Carer Support Wiltshire appealed to me was the opportunity to tell stories through my lens. With this in mind there is one image that really stands out to me that I took recently in Warminster Community Hospital, purely for the fact that lady in the image has the most wonderful smile and it always gives me a great feeling when I look at it.

There’s also one I love from Iford Manor. The reasons being that the light was starting to get really lovely in the early evening and the way I see it, if somebody looking as wonderful as this lady sits down in beautiful surroundings in lovely light, I’m going to capture it!

You can find out more about Dave’s work and contact him via his website.

View his wildlife photography here.