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Anita cares for her daughter, Sophie who is disabled. Without family support, Anita was struggling to manage on her own. Her GP surgery put her in touch with Carer Support Wiltshire.

The people at Carer Support Wiltshire are like a weight lifted off my shoulders. They have approached the council and housing association for me about the damp in the house here. I’ve had damp for 13 years, mushrooms growing off walls, and could never get anyone to do anything about it. My daughter, Sophie is disabled, she’s an adult now and I’ve brought her up on my own. We’ve just put up with it because I couldn’t get anything done.

I’m just thinking and worrying about Sophie all the time and have no time for me. The Carer Support Wiltshire support worker is helping me join a support group and get some first aid training which will help me with Sophie.

I don’t have any family support so having someone in the corner for you is amazing. It’s like an angel flew in.

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