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When someone close to you has a stroke, it can be a sudden condition that comes as a shock. It is natural to feel overwhelmed. Focus on one day at a time. Recovering from a stroke is a gradual process and your loved one will benefit from encouragement and motivation. 

A stroke can have many different effects on someone, including problems with mobility, swallowing and continence. It can cause vision and communication problems as well as problems with memory and concentration. It can also have emotional effects, such as depression and anxiety, and cause personality changes. All of this can have a big impact on everyone in a family, as well as the stroke survivor.

Local support

Wiltshire Stroke Recovery Service

The local Stroke Recovery Coordinator provides information, practical advice and emotional support in the aftermath of stroke.

Contact Hayley Mitchell on 01722 329053 or email

National support

The Stroke Association has a carers guide with information and resources to access, which can be found here –

You will find Stroke Association has a wealth of information on their website, including details of a number of clubs and groups that offer peer support to stroke survivors, carers, family and friends –

Information can also be found on the NHS website (