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Do you have an emergency plan in place to ensure the person you care for is looked after in your absence?

It is important to plan in advance for emergencies.  The Carers Emergency Card is free and offers peace of mind and reassurance that things will be taken care of in case of accident or emergency. The card is available to all carers aged 18 or over including parent carers.

  • It provides you with a 24/7 call centre contact number and a PIN;
  • Allows you to identify alternative carers who could provide emergency care;
  • Allows you to outline the needs of the person you care for and their preferences for alternative care provision which can be accessed by health and care professionals who may need to be involved in making arrangements for alternative care.

Anyone finding the card in the event that you became unwell or were in an accident, is then able to contact the call centre and inform the emergency response team that alternative care is required.

How to apply for a carers emergency card

The best way to apply is using in on the Wiltshire Council’s¬†Carers Emergency Card Online Application.¬† Alternatively, you can contact Carer Support Wiltshire on 0800 066 5068 for more information or to request a paper copy of the form.

For more information about the free scheme email our Carers Emergency Card Administrator or telephone 0800 181 4118.

You can also download the Carers Emergency Card leaflet in PDF format.