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  • Liam’s story

    Liam and his little brother Samuel from Chippenham are about as close as brothers can get. Now 19 years old, Liam has been caring for Samuel, who is 7 and has autism, pretty much since he was born.

    Liam’s story
  • Stacey’s story

    Juggling her caring role with school proved difficult for Stacey and her mental health suffered.

    Stacey’s story
  • Celina’s Story

    Celina was thrown into caring for her Mum at a young age, but no one really understood her caring role and how hard it was to juggle everything at once

    Celina’s Story
  • Phoebe’s story

    Phoebe is 14 and lives in Warminster with her Mum, Dad, younger brother and sister. She has two older brothers and a sister who have moved out. Phoebe appeared in a video for CSW and Young Carers Awareness Day. We grabbed her for a chat

    Phoebe’s story
  • Kerry’s story

    Throughout her life, Kerry has cared for her brother. She washes him, dresses him, helps him get ready – nothing is too much trouble

    Kerry’s story