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We’re back in lockdown again – which might mean it’s back to learning from home for some of us. But how do you go from classroom to home? Read our tips for making school work for you at home –

BBC Bitesize 

BBC Bitesize has lessons for both primary, secondary and for those older than 16! Try their lessons full of videos, quizzes and practice activities to help you with home learning. And even if you turn on the TV, starting on Monday 11 January, CBBC will broadcast three hours of primary school programmes from 9am every weekday. They will include BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as other much-loved shows with an educational twist, such as Our School, Celebrity Supply Teacher, Horrible Histories and more.

They even have a page for support for a number of topics, from advice if you’re feeling a bit stressed and anxious, to tackling loneliness during lockdown.

Joe Wicks is back

Missing your PE lessons or feeling a bit cooped up inside? Joe Wicks is back with his daily PE lessons to get your body moving. You can watch and take part live with him in the mornings, or watch the videos after when you want to have a bit of a shake up.

Remember you can also leave the house even in lockdown for your daily exercise. Why not go for a walk around your neighborhood, see what nature you can find, or just get some fresh air and let off some steam.

Draw and learn

House of Illustration has created a range of freely accessible resources for families of all ages, all developed by professional illustrators. Activities cover different subjects, creative fun and are designed to get people of all ages producing illustrations they are proud of. Find and download them free here.

Have a break from the screen

If you’ve got video lessons, and work to do online, it can mean you end up spending all day looking at a screen. Make sure you give your mind and eyes a break – maybe switch to reading a book, drawing, baking or taking the time to do something you enjoy like listening to a song and dancing. Remember it’s okay to take breaks when you need them.

Are you a parent?

If you suddenly find yourself having to be a teacher, there is help out there for you too! BBC Bitesize has a ‘Parents’ Toolkit’ full of advice and support for parents and guardians during the coronavirus pandemic.

And if you’re a parent carer, you can find information, advice and support on our main website here. 

If you’re a young carer, you can find advice, information and support here. We also have info around COVID for young carers here.