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It’s completely normal to feel a bit worried going back to school after the summer holidays. Not only have you been off for a while, but you’re also heading into a new year, or maybe even a new school!

But there are things out there that can make this time a little bit easier for you.

  1. Feeling a bit worried? Try some breathing exercises before school.

    Child Line have Calm Zone, with lots of ways to help you feel calmer. It’s about finding what works for you. Try some breathing exercises, activities, games and videos to help let go of stress.

  2. Back to school in the ‘new normal’

    You might be feeling worried about returning to your school, about changes to a space that you knew really well.
    A lot of this worry is down to not knowing what it might be like. We’ve asked school staff to tell us about some of the
    changes there are. Here is a handy guide with some of the things you might find different at your school. 

  3. For parents – how you can help

    It can feel hard as a parent to know how to help your child when they’re worried about school. Young Minds has a great resource page on how to talk to your child about worries or anxieties about school, and things you can do to help. Find it here. 

No matter how you’re feeling about going back to school, remember that feelings are temporary, and the most important thing you can do is look after yourself.