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We love animals in the UK. From dogs, cats, fish and hamsters, we’re even bringing farm animals and reptiles into our homes with open arms. From giving us hugs when we’re sad, to being excited to see us when we get home, and making us laugh when we’re down, it’s no wonder we love having them around.

But did you know that there is even science to back up how great animals are!?
Read on to find out a few!

Being Around Animals is Relaxing

Stroking a fluffy cats soft fur while they sit on your lap is incredibly relaxing, (even if your clothes do get covered in fur), and watching fish swim around their tank can make your mind shut off for a few moments. Scientists even found that people with pets had lower heart rates to those without pets!

Being Around Animals Makes us Happier!

Being around animals or even just watching them on TV is proven to make us feel less stressed and worked up. Watching or playing with animals naturally lowers stress, they can even be amazing for battling worry or anxiety – they really can be our best friends!

Being Around Animals Helps us Make Friends!

Dogs are of course probably the best at encouraging people to be more sociable and get outside. If you’ve ever been on a dog walk you’ll know that dog walkers love to stop for a chat, and even people without dogs will stop you to talk about your lovely ball of fluff!

But all animals can help us make friends. Asking someone about their pets or their favourite animals is a great way to start chatting.

Of course it can be a lot of responsibility and can cost quite a bit to have a pet, especially more than one. If you look after someone, it might be even harder to find the time to look after an animal full time, but even walking your neighbour’s dog or offering to look after your aunties cat when they go on holiday can be a great way to spend time with our furry friends!