Parent Carers

If your child requires more care from you than other children of the same age and they are likely to need you to care for them for the rest of their lives, you are probably a parent carer.

Your child may have a physical disability, autism, a hearing impairment, learning difficulties or complex health needs.

How we can support you

A parent carer with a child under 18 can access all our services including:

If you are concerned about your child’s education health or care needs, you can find our more information by contacting the early help advice team at Wiltshire Council: 0300 456 0108 or visit Wiltshire Local Offer

If you have a child turning 18

We can also offer a parent carer with a child approaching 18 a transition assessment. This can explore:

  • Your caring role and how that’s changing;
  • The change from children to adult services;
  • Your ongoing needs;
  • What other support is available.

Wiltshire Parent Carer Council (WPCC)

The WPCC is a consultation and participation service for parent carers that works alongside Wiltshire Council, the NHS, and other services, to help shape better services for young people, aged 0-25 years with special education needs (SEN) and/ or disabilities.

The WPCC offer services including:

  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Service (SENDIS). This is a ‘one-stop’ shop which offers a wealth of information as well as signposting users to specialist services which support families raising a child with SEN and/or disabilities. You can find more information on the WPCC website.
  • SENDIS Outreach Service which works 1-2-1 with parent carers who would normally find it difficult to access WPCC support by telephone or internet.

Contacting Wiltshire Parent Carer Council

You can contact them by email or by calling them on 01225 764647 (option 1).

Council for Disabled Children

The Council for Disabled Children has information and advice for parents of disabled children and those with special educational needs.