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The Government is currently holding a consultation on their proposal to give working carers a week’s unpaid Carer’s Leave from work each year, to provide care. Carers UK are urging as many as possible to respond to the consultation and have their say on the proposals.

To support individuals and organisations that would like to respond, Carers UK have created a comprehensive briefing which provides Carers UK’s view on the consultation. You can read the briefing here.

Carers UK has welcomed Government’s intention and pledge to introduce Carer’s Leave for employees in paid employment as a vital step in helping business and families providing care to disabled, older and ill relatives and friends to continue working.

According to research, 89% of the public support a right to a short period of time off work to care.

Pre-Covid-19, around 2.6 million people had given up work to care, the equivalent of 600 people a day.

Recent research showed that unpaid carers struggle to balance their caring responsibilities with their work commitments. For 72% of working carers, care is additional to full-time paid work. 44% of working carers reported that they found it difficult to combine their paid employment and caring responsibilities.

80% of carers say that additional paid Carer’s Leave of between five and ten days would help them to juggle work and unpaid care.

If you would like to respond to the Government consultation, you can access the consultation documents on The deadline for responding is 3 August 2020.