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For many parents and young people looking after loved ones, not recognising that they are carer’s means missing out on vital support and services.

Carer Support Wiltshire (CSW) and Spurgeons have launched a project to help raise awareness of carers in the region’s Children’s Centres.

In each of the Spurgeons centres, staff have been nominated as Carers Leads. Following training from CSW the Carers Leads will work closely with the Health and Engagement Worker from CSW to help raise awareness of carers in their centres, ensure staff are carer aware and have access to relevant information, and help them to recognise when they may also be carers.  It is hoped this work will help with the identification and support of parent carers, working carers and young carers.

“We are really excited to be able to work in partnership with CSW in this way, enabling our staff to become more confident in recognising carers, and supporting them to access any additional help and encouragement they may need.” Laura Hazelton, Children’s Services Lead, South Wiltshire Children’s Centre.

All centres will have a notice board specifically for carer relevant information, and a member of the CSW Reaching Communities Team will attend centre events and activities, including Little Learner universal groups to meet and talk with parents. Jackie Maton, CSW Health and Engagement Worker who has been leading the project says:

“Working with Spurgeons is incredibly rewarding. The Carers Leads are so enthusiastic, genuinely committed and driven to help raise awareness of carers within their centres both with staff and parents. They make us very welcome at all their Little Learner groups, which gives me an ideal opportunity to engage with families and encourage them to think about what makes someone a carer and in particular a parent carer. With that awareness they are then able to access services which help to enable and support them.”

For more information contact Jackie Maton, CSW Health and Engagement Worker

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