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We are looking for unpaid carers to join a new Carer Advisory Group. Carers will have the opportunity to share experiences and views on topics around caring, and help to influence where Carer Support Wiltshire focuses its resources in order to help carers.

Signing up to be a part of a feedback or advisory group can sound a bit daunting. Groups vary so much – we might wonder if we’re volunteering for something informal or more structured and serious. We also might not want to sign up to something only to later realise we don’t have the time to commit long term.

At Carer Support Wiltshire, we are forming a new Carer Advisory Group. It will consist of up to 12 unpaid carers who will meet up online four times a year. The discussions that take place in the meeting will be reported back to our Board of Trustees – the people who oversee all of our charity’s work.

If you are an unpaid carer and you feel you would like to share your experiences of being a carer, as well as ideas for making life easier for yourself and other carers, we’d love you to join us!

The meetings will be informal and relaxed and will take place in the early evening for approximately one hour.

There will be a main topic at each meeting, but there will also be opportunities for members to raise other issues or suggest topics for future meetings.

How will my participation change anything?

Everything discussed by the Carer Advisory Group will be shared with the Board of Trustees to aid insight into the long term issues carers’ face. It is important for the Board to be able to hear directly from carers, as the Board ultimately decide which services and support are delivered by Carer Support Wiltshire.

Who can join?

Members must be:

  • a carer, or have been a carer in the last five years
  • eighteen years old or older
  • be resident in Wiltshire
  • their cared for be registered with a Wiltshire GP practice
  • care for someone who is resident in Wiltshire

Membership to the group will last two years and members should commit to attend the four meetings that will be held annually. Of course, we understand how busy and unpredictable life can be as a carer. As the group is a small one, members will be able to nominate the dates that are most convenient for them to join.

You will need to have a computer and internet connection, as the meetings will take place online. Please don’t be put off if you’re not confident using video conferencing software. We can help with instructions on how to join each meeting.

I’m interested, what should I do next?

Please drop us an email at and let us know you’re interested in joining the Carer Advisory Group. A member of our team will be in touch and can give more information.