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New research by Carers UK reveals that more than 600 people a day leave their job because of the pressures of juggling work with caring for loved one.

The findings also show that there are almost 5 million workers are now juggling their paid job with caring, with many going unnoticed and struggling without support.

Carers UK are calling for UK employers to support the increasing number of staff with caring responsibilities to stay in the workforce with more flexibility over working hours, annual leave and paid care leave.

The report found that 33 per cent of people currently juggling work and caring said that there were no supportive employment policies to support carers in their workplace.

Working for Carers works with employers to raise carer awareness and help them to identify, support and retain staff members with caring responsibilities. Their membership accreditation and training demonstrates a positive and proactive approach to supporting employees who are carers.

“Becoming a Working for Carers member has been an important step in supporting and identifying carers within our workforce. We are proud to be involved with such a worthwhile charity that is making a real difference in the workplace.”

Chris Perry, Managing Director of Corsham Print Limited

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