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For Mental Health Awareness Week we’ve been out in nature, taking a moment to appreciate the outdoors, the change in season, and the benefits it can have on our wellbeing. See some of our team’s photos, and some photos sent in from carers enjoying nature.

Communications Officer Georgia made some cow friends on her walk along the canal – ‘they were so friendly and photogenic! It was hard to leave them, I could have spent all day just relaxing next to my new friends’.

Communications Manager Sam had a lovely walk on Sunday morning – ‘I walked along the river at BOA to Avoncliff then back along the canal towpath. It was lovely to get up early and enjoy the peace and quiet along the river.’

Community Connector Jo goes for regular walks with her pooch – ‘We enjoy walking our dog Archie as a family. Here is us on Monday in the wind near Silbury Hill’.

Admin Assistant Lauren took a slightly different approach, but none the less one that helps with her mental heath – ‘Baking really helps me, it makes me focus on something else and can be very therapeutic! I highly recommend it! Here is a picture of this weekends bake, it was a lemon drizzle loaf.’

Helen, Carer Champion for Salisbury, shares this lovely photo of her walk by the river in Salisbury. Spot the cows!

We hope you have got out in nature this week, or done something to look after your own wellbeing.

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