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This Volunteers Week we are celebrating the huge contribution that volunteers make to our charity and the lives of carers in Wiltshire.

Here Glenda and Lee tell us more about how volunteering has helped them meet new friends.

Glenda Selkridge – carer, Carer Ambassador and volunteer at Carer Support Wiltshire’s carer cafés

As a volunteer, I enjoy having the time away from my caring role. Listening to others airing their present situations helps us all in the group to understand that our needs are so different, but cohesive.

Other day -to-day topics also arise and it makes good discussion and humour, which helps us all to temporarily forget our own anxieties. We also share our knowledge, and pass on any information gleaned from other sources.

Lee Pearson – carer and volunteer at Carers Support Wiltshire’s carer cafés

After going to a Carer Support Wiltshire carer cafe for a while as a carer, I felt that I could help keep it running as a supportive volunteer. I did enjoy meeting up for a chat with a coffee and the cake and felt it was important for the peer support to continue.

I have made some really good friends and keep meeting more along the way, which gives me a sense I am not the only one. Volunteering has brought surprising benefits; I have a better understanding for my community and the people in it, friendship (which is a very important part of my life) and support through a group of people that understand.

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