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We need your help to give vital breaks to unpaid carers across Wiltshire!

Most of us have found the current coronavirus situation hard, having to isolate ourselves from family and friends. But for unpaid carers, this can be their normal, and they may carry on for much longer after things go back to normal for the rest of us.

Carers UK shockingly found that 40% of carers haven’t taken a day off their caring role in over a year.

We strive to create carer-friendly communities in Wiltshire in which carers are valued, recognised and acknowledged for the incredible work that they do.

Our Time for Carers Appeal removes financial barriers so that unpaid carers can have the same opportunities as their peers to do the things they enjoy so they are happier, less anxious and more supported.

David, who cares for his wife Georgina who has Alzheimer’s, knows how important it is for unpaid carers to have breaks. He attended a cookery course for older male carers in January 2020.

Attending this course was ‘the first time in 12 months that I had an opportunity to socialise with others to whom I could relate.’

Preparing and cooking the three-course meal was interesting, informative (and edible), however the socialising was the most important. Caring for someone full time can, by its very nature, become isolating. That isolation increases over time and it becomes very easy to forget how to socialise, how to have that casual conversation, how to make oneself heard. The social network we once took for granted soon disappears through the holes in the net.

One of the primary reasons carers find it difficult to take a break from caring (yes, even for a free half day cookery course) is that they feel they cannot justify the cost, either financially  or because they feel they are being selfish taking time away from the person they are caring for.

Having access to diverse fully funded breaks overcomes a lot of the challenges and barriers carers face in maintaining their social activity, their social skills and, their quality of life.’

Help us make a difference to carers like David and donate or fundraise for our Time for Carers appeal today.