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The Living Well Advocacy Service in Wiltshire helps people to record their past, present and future wishes in a comprehensive booklet called a Living Well Plan. Having a plan can really help give you confidence in the future about decisions that will be made.

The Living Well Plan is a record of your story. It describes the life you have lived, key events, achievements and challenges. It helps you to identify the things that are important to you in the present, such as people, pets, hobbies, food and drink, and daily routine.

Important contact information is included so that names and phone numbers can be accessed easily. Your wishes and preferences for the future are captured, giving you confidence in the future, helping you feel prepared and ensuring that family, carers and professionals may understand you better.

The Living Well Plan can help others who may be involved in supporting you to make decisions if you are unable to do so for yourself. Your Advocate can help you to access services in Wiltshire and to secure your rights.

What people have said about their experience of completing a Living Well Plan?

“It’s been a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.”

“It has helped us to get some clarity on difficult issues in a delicate, sensitive way.”

“Being able to tell your life story is very powerful; it validates everything you have done in your life and you can think to yourself – I’m alright!!”

“I am less anxious since doing my Living Well Plan.”

The Living Well Advocacy Service is open and there to support people living in Wiltshire. 

South Wiltshire: Abby Blythe – Tel: 07845 055470

North Wiltshire: Emma Dowie – Tel: 07594 083308


You can also find out more on the Swan Advocacy website.