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I worry if little E is going to be ok on her first day at school. If the chicken has been cooked properly. If people will judge me by the fact that I rarely hoover under or behind things. If I will have enough money to go on holiday. I worry that too many children in the world suffer abuse.  If I am a good enough friend. If the cake is too dry. If the baby penguin will find its dad and survive the winter. If the fridge will hold out for just a bit longer. If my mum is ok.

We all worry about stuff. Some of it’s about the things we can’t control, some of it doesn’t matter to anyone but you and you might want to give yourself a stern talking to, but what happens when you not only have to worry about your stuff, but you have to worry about someone else’s too? Someone you care about. What happens when it’s really important stuff like giving medication, making sure they have enough food in the house, organising hospital and doctor appointments, helping them get out and about, and into bed; bathing, benefits, finances and frustrations? Convincing them it’s ok. They are ok. What happens when you have a job and you don’t know how you can fit their stuff into your own without yours falling apart?

3 in 5 of us will become a carer at some point in our lives. Birth, death, a diagnosis, accident, or old age – there are many reasons why we might end up looking after someone. We will be doing what anybody would do in that situation.  Right? We will be caring for someone.

Here in the UK, 6,000 people begin that journey every day. Let’s give a thought to them. Let’s think about the stuff they will have worry about, deal with, have to learn, fight, find the time for. Who worries about them?

Here at Carer Support Wiltshire we provide support, information and advice to carers in Wiltshire. There are organisations like us all around the UK working to help build carer friendly communities where everyone feels supported to look after their family and friends and are recognised as individuals with needs of their own.

If you know someone who is looking after a loved one, check they are ok. Tell them, if they don’t already know that there is support out there.

If you live in Wiltshire and would like more information on the support available call 0800 181 4118.

Jules Stanbridge, Communications Manager, Carer Support Wiltshire