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Who would have thought our next blog post would be about how you can get through a long period of isolation at home following the outbreak of a new and dangerous virus? It’s hard to believe, but our current situation is that we must stay at home for much of our time.

Fortunately, many people have been resourceful and creative and come up with all sorts of ways for us to connect with others and entertain ourselves in isolation. Here are some things that might help you as a carer.

Rainbow Pictures

Hundreds of children are creating rainbow pictures to display in their windows for other families to spot while taking exercise. It’s a great way to persuade children to go for a walk and help to keep them connected with their friends while they’re not at school. If your local community isn’t doing it currently, you could share on your school or community Facebook page to encourage more families local to you to take part.

Theatre and Dance

The National Theatre and many more have put live streams and recordings online for all to watch for free or, in some cases, for an optional donation. There’s a wide range to choose from, including productions for children.

Yoga and Meditation

YouTube is full of options for yoga and meditation but Yoga with Adriene is one of our favourites and with almost 7 million subscribers to her channel obviously a lot of people agree! If you’re feeling anxious her Meditation for Anxiety video is for you. There are lots more videos to choose from that are suitable for all ages and experience.

The Self-isolating Bird Club

Chris Packham has set up the Twitter account The Self-isolating Bird Club for people to share their bird sightings while isolating. Getting away from the TV or books and giving your eyes a bit of a workout is always a good idea. Plus you might be surprised how many different birds come into your garden if you’re looking out for them. Tag @SIBirdClub with your sightings, photos and videos.

Joe Wicks Workouts

Joe Wicks has become a bit of a household name for his PE with Joe videos going out every morning for children to do while they’re off school. But did you know he also does home workouts for seniors, beginner workouts, 20 minutes workouts and many more? Check out his channel and perhaps consider trying to fit in a workout each morning at home.

Free Audiobooks

Audible has made a selection of books available for free for listeners to stream via their web browser. Use this Audible link to reach the free listens. Listening to audiobooks can be a nice way to unwind and listen to something that isn’t the news. Audiobooks, like podcasts, can also make a daily walk alone a bit more interesting. If you subscribe to Audible you get one audiobook free and can cancel your membership at any time, so it might be worth considering during this time.