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BT is moving their customers in Salisbury to Digital Voice, a new home phone service, and bringing their roadshow to the area to support customers through this change.

What is Digital Voice?

Digital Voice is the name BT, the UK’s biggest landline provider, uses for its digital voice service. You may also hear digital voice services referred to as ‘VoIP’, ‘IP voice’ and other branded versions such as ‘Sky Voice’ or ‘TalkTalk Voice’. Existing phone lines run on an outdated network that is hard to repair. The Salisbury area will be one of the first to be moved over as the technology is updated across the UK. New features include being able to talk to two people at once and a crystal clear connection that feels like the person you’re speaking to is in the same room.

Who will be affected?

The Salisbury area will be one of the first areas affected in the UK. The map below shows the areas that will be affected, you should have also received a letter from BT about the change.

BT map of affected areas in Salisbury

BT local roadshow

BT is hosting local roadshows to explain the service in more detail: how easy it is to set up, the free equipment on offer, how to order it, and the support they can give you during the move to Digital Voice. These sessions give customers the chance to ask us about Digital Voice and get the support they need with the switch. When it’s time to move to Digital Voice, they will support all of their customers and send clear instructions to guide them through the change.

8th November 9am – 5pm

Drop in to The Guildhall, Market Place, Guildhall Square, Salisbury, SP1 1JH

Information about telecare or personal alarms

Some telecare and burglar alarms won’t work with Digital Voice.
If you use these services, please contact your telecare provider as soon as possible to check if your equipment will work with Digital Voice. If you need to speak to BT afterwards, call them on 0800 800 150.

In the case of a power outage

If there’s a power cut or your broadband fails, you’ll be unable to make calls using Digital Voice, including 999 calls. You’d experience this if you have a cordless phone plugged into a power supply. You’ll still be able to use a mobile phone, which should be charged at all times. If you don’t have a mobile phone or are in an area with no mobile signal, please contact BT on 0800 800 150.

BT Digital Voice guide here