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I’ve developed a new love of crystals.

I’ve always been drawn to crystals but had never really taken the time to learn about them, all the different types or their origins. I just thought they were pretty to look at. But after a camping trip last year, my love and knowledge of crystals has grown to what some might call, an obsession.

Our camping trip started along the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, specifically Weymouth and Lyme Regis. As I child I spent many sunny (and not so sunny) weekends in Weymouth, but I had never been to Lyme Regis before. When we arrived, the dramatic scenes of waves crashing into the cliffs, the earth-toned rocks and pebbles that lined the beach and the greying clouds above us in the sky all told me this was a place I was going to love.

We began walking up the very steep hill to the high street shops, stopping to get a freshly baked pastry on the way, when I saw the shop displaying remarkable fossils and the biggest crystals I’d ever seen. We stepped inside, my partner distracted by the shark tooth fossils, and my eyes laid upon the crystals on key chains. All of them so unique, yet similar in their surprisingly smooth surfaces and their incandescent colours. I eventually settled on a crystal called Citrine, a vibrant orange with flickers of black floating at its sharpest point. I felt strangely drawn to this crystal and immediately bought it and attached it to my keys so I could have it with me.

It wasn’t until we got back from our camping trip (one of the downfalls of camping – the limited internet!) I did some research on my new crystal keychain.

Citrine – called ‘The Light Maker,’ is the stone of creativity, something incredibly important to me, and is the traditional birth crystal of June, my birthday month. I couldn’t believe how much this crystal, its qualities and attributes, related to me. And so I travelled further down the crystal rabbit hole.

Crystals have been used for spiritual, emotional and even physical healing for centuries, some can be traced back to 300BC and before. And even if you’re not completely on board with the whole crystal healing thing, having symbols that remind you of emotions, people or feelings can be a powerful thing. For instance, the crystal Celestite is said to have caring and supportive properties and is used to remind people that they never have to go through the storm alone.

3 in 5 of us will become a carer at some point in our lives, and no one should have to go through that journey alone. Maybe the Celestite crystal can be a reminder of that fact, sitting on your kitchen counter or bedside table, reminding you that no matter how difficult or lonely things get, you can pick up the phone to talk to a friend, a loved one, or one of us at Carer Support Wiltshire.

So now, for me, crystals are more than just pretty things to look at. Although I’m sort of running out of space on my keys and in my flat for places to put them!

Georgia – Young Adult Carer Communications Officer