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The majority of unpaid carers within the Armed Forces community may not be aware that support is available to them, or even identify themselves as carers, according to the Army Welfare Service and Army Family Federation.

This is the reason that, in 2018, Carer Support Wiltshire launched their Courage to Care service, which works within military bases and communities to increase awareness of carers and gives easy points of contact for support.

Not only are carers within the Armed Forces less likely to seek support for themselves, but they also have unique challenges, such as often living away from family and moving house every few years, making support networks difficult to build and maintain.

Courage to Care can help military families access support and runs regular events aimed at carers who are part of the Armed Forces community – as serving members, or spouses – including veterans.

Among these events are three cookery workshops, which are taking place for those in the Tidworth area on Wednesday 20th October, Wednesday 3rd November and Wednesday 17th November. 10 carers will have the opportunity to attend these in-person or online and learn to cook a healthy, nutritious meal for their family, as well as meet other carers. Ingredients will all be provided.

If you are interested in finding out more about these cookery courses, the Courage to Care service or are an unpaid carer, you can contact us on 0800 181 4118.