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We recently shared a survey that Carers UK were conducting on how the coronavirus is affecting unpaid carers on our social media feeds. The results of this survey have recently been published by Carers UK and give a startling insight into what some carers are currently facing.

Over 5,000 carers and former carers responded to the survey sharing their experiences of the coronavirus crisis.

Not surprisingly, the coronavirus crisis is having a profound impact on carers’ lives. Many of the carers who responded were providing very high levels of care, or juggling care in complex lives. Not only are many providing more care than before, they are suffering financially and are worried about the future.

Key drawings from this research include:

In addition to this, there were the following key findings:

The majority (55%) of carers agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I feel overwhelmed and I am worried that I’m going to burnout in the coming weeks”.

69% of unpaid carers are providing more help with emotional support, motivation or keeping an eye/checking in on the person they care for.

81% of unpaid carers are spending more money at the moment. (72% are spending more on food and 50% are spending more on household bills).

The full report can be viewed here. It also provides quotes from carers which you may relate to.

What’s going to happen as a result of this research?

Carers UK will be using this research to further lobby government, increase awareness of unpaid carers and highlight the importance of unpaid carers.

What can I do if I need help?

If you help to look after someone be it a relative, neighbour or a friend you too could be an unpaid carer.

Please contact us for information and advice on caring. Carer Support Wiltshire offers a wide-range of support to Wiltshire’s carers – everything from mental health to where to go for financial support. You may also find reading our Coronavirus FAQs page beneficial.