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Carer Support Wiltshire are grateful to the Arnold Clark Community Fund for awarding a £1000 donation to help us to support unpaid carers who are part of a military family or community.

Arnold Clark is Europe’s largest independent car dealer. They launched the Arnold Clark Community Fund in March 2020 in order to provide financial support to community groups and charities that had been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including food banks, toy banks and poverty relief.

Courage to Care is Carer Support Wiltshire’s service which especially aims to reach unpaid carers who need support and are part of military families and communities.

Research has shown that these carers can be less likely to reach out for support, or less likely to know where to find support. They also face unique challenges such as moving home regularly, which can often mean they are away from friends and family and unable to form lasting support networks.

Edd Gordon’s story explains some of the challenges his family have faced as a military family looking after their son.

Our thanks again to Arnold Clark for their kind support.