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Today is Carers Rights Day and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank an individual who has constantly gone over and above for carers – ensuring they are supported and standing up for their rights.

On a daily basis Sandy Woodbridge at Salisbury Foundation Trust is going over and above to liaise directly with carers on the wards, and with staff, intervening frequently where challenging situations arise, or discharge is difficult and carers are needing some support and advice.

Recently she has stepped in when a carer was at breakpoint, causing patient discharge to be held up. Through her supportive and tenacious actions she helped the ward to facilitate a safe discharge, but ensured that the carer felt involved, supported and able to access receive further help in the community.

Frequently, Sandy spends a large percentage of her day working with carers, liaising with hospital staff and community organisations on their behalf and improving their overall experience.

We know that many carers who have met Sandy would agree that she deserves this special mention. Thanks to Sandy for all of your hard work on the behalf of carers.

You can see Sandy (first person talking) in the below video recorded by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust for Carers Rights Day 2020.